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Title: 00569 Denario
Type: moneta
Chronological range (century): sec. I a.C.
Date start: 37 a.C.
Date end: 37 a.C.
Fond: Monete romane repubblicane 
Mint: Zecca in movimento con Ottaviano
Issuing authority: C.Iulius Caesar Octavianus
Material & technique: argento / coniazione
Diameter: 19
Weight: 3,69
Axis: 8
Description of front: D/ Testa di Ottaviano a d. - dietro [IMP.]CAESAR.DIVI.F.IIIVIR.ITER.R.P.C
Description of back: R/ Simpulum, aspergillum, brocca e lituus - sopra COS.ITER.ET.TER.DESIG
License: All rights reserved
Appears in Collections:Beni numismatici - Museo di Archeologia

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