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1P XV IT_527r.tif.jpg-Madonna col Bambino in trono e santiArslan, Wart Baldassarre di Biagio Sul verso: ''BOB JONES UNIVERSITY GREENVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA GOLD GROUND TRIPTYCH By Florentine Painter (?) XV Panel: 80 3/4 by 76 inches. Attributions and Comments: Centerpiece representing Madonna and Child with wings representing the Saints Michael, Joannes the Evangelist, Blasius, and Petrus. Dated 1469. Permission to reproduce this photograph in exhibition catalogues, books, scholarly periodicals, magazines, newspapers, etc., in granted provided that: 1. Two free copies of that publication are sent to Bob Jones University as soon as it comes from the press. 2. It is clearly stated in the article or in connection with the reproduction of this photograph that this work of art is located in the BOB JONES UNIVERSITY COLLECTION.'' (a stampa).positivo